Kelly's XXX Creamed Up Sex

  • Minutes: 21:42
  • Clips: 18
  • Hi-res pics: 256
Kelly Klein here has the face of an angel but it's quite difficult to focus on her face when she has her mouth filled and stuffed full of a huge dick. She's still pretty though and watching her give head was one sure erotic sight. When this brunette finally had enough though, she took matters into her own hands and climbed up on her lover, slipping her trimmed pink pussy on to his dick and fucking him hard and raw before he came all over her back.
Kelly Klein 4 Kelly Klein 5
Kelly Klein 1 Kelly Klein 2 Kelly Klein 3 Kelly Klein 6
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Busty Tera Gets an Anal XXX Fuck

  • Minutes: 27:49
  • Clips: 18
  • Hi-res pics: 130
We told Tera that she could only wear one thing and that she should take everything else off. We thought she'd be choosing to wear something else but when she took off everything except for a pair of glass slippers, we knew that this busty chick was in for a hot ride. We filmed her hot sex movie with this goddess on top and riding a cock but what we really was the part when she was on all fours and getting an anal.
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Giselle and Shiela's Hardcore Threesome

  • Minutes: 26:24
  • Clips: 18
  • Hi-res pics: 80
We didn't want to interrupt Giselle and Shiela as these two tanned babes enjoyed each other. Watch them kiss and fondle each other's ass like that was more than enough to give us a hard on. When a hot stud interrupted them though and offered his cock for them, they were quick to get down on ther knees and share it like a big lollipop before they helped each other out in riding that thick, juicy man pole.
Giselle & Shiela 4 Giselle & Shiela 5
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Sol's Hardcore Ass Reaming

  • Minutes: 24:24
  • Clips: 18
  • Hi-res pics: 108
We are starting to think that a woman looks her best when she has a cock stuffed deep into her mouth just like pornstar Sol de Verao here. She's a slim chick with big tanned tits and a tight little slit. We filmed Sol as she got the royal fucking she deserved from this horny punk but our highlight really was when Sol here spread her gaping pussy wide while she had her sexy ass packed to the core.
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